12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is my current month of preganancy if it is 11-12weeks

Answer: 2nd month
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Question: Hi my last cycle was sep 2,what is my current month of pregnancy?
Answer: As per your LMP you are 7 weeks pregnant and its your 2nd month and here's a reference chart for you to calculate your weeks and months of pregnancy. 1st Trimester 1st month of pregnancy weeks 1 – 4 2nd month of pregnancy weeks 5 – 8 3rd month of pregnancy weeks 9 – 13 2nd Trimester 4th month of pregnancy weeks 14 – 17 5th month of pregnancy weeks 18 – 22 6th month of pregnancy weeks 23 – 27 3rd Trimester 7th month of pregnancy weeks 28 – 31 8th month of pregnancy weeks 32 – 35 9th month of pregnancy weeks 36 – 40.
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Question: What to do if headache in preganancy
Answer: Apply cold pack on head... Drink at least 2 to 3lit of water... Take rest don't get strain much...
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Question: If during preganancy sometimes blood come is it safe? What care should we take?
Answer: Hi, Any time you have vaginal bleeding, you should talk to your doctor. "In your second or third trimester, it could mean you have a tear in your placenta or another problem that should be diagnosed by ultrasound,"  "But don't panic, most bleeding during pregnancy doesn't lead to long-term problems."
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