40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is meant by head mobile

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Answer: Means..head is nt fixed yet in cephalic position (head down) which will help for normal delvry... seems ur baby is rolling inside.. but its ur 40week, baby shld fix for vaginal birth.. if not.. walk more ..get proper advice from dctrs..and for some people head may fix during labour pain too..hope for the best..🤗
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Question: What is meant by 'head mobile' in pregnancy
Answer: Hi dear , It would mean the head has not been engaged yet.once the head is fixed into the birth canal,you could expect labor anytime soon and normal delivery is possible at that stage.mobile means moving.so head is still moving.
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Question: What is meant by baby head mobile ,in my scan its mentioned as head in lower pole ,gyneo checked and mentioned head mobile ,could you please explain me
Answer: Even in my report also Dr wrote like that even I didn't understand.
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Question: what is meant by epidural
Answer: It is anaesthesia dear. An epidural is a way to give an aesthetic by injecting it into the epidural space of the spinal cord. This stops pain signals from reaching the brain. When a woman has an epidural, a small amount of aesthetic is injected into the epidural space. It helps reduce pain during pregnancy. But some women complain of back pain later in their life if they have had anaesthesia by epidural procedure.
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