37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is mean by painless labor

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Answer: The meaning of pain less labour is there will be no pain aur there is not any signs that your labour pain is starting some women got symptoms like bleeding discharge and pain in abdomen but some womens do not feel anything so that they could understand that their labour pain has been started for delivery even then they have to go to the doctor if a nine month is running and they don't feel any pain they must visit doctor at her due date given by the doctor
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Question: What is mean by Cephalic presentation..? Is it any problem?
Answer: Hi.. cephalic presentation means your baby's head is down and this is the expected position at this stage. So nothing to worry. Going great :)
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Question: Hi, what is mean by Cephalic position?
Answer: Cephalic position means head up position right now ur baby is not in a head down position
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Question: Hell Dr. What mean by vertex presentation ???
Answer: Hi dear it means ur baby is in norml position to get a normal delivery take care maa
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