17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what is macrosomia in pregnancy

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Question: Now i m 24 Weeks pregnant. This s my 2 Nd child. In previous pregnancy i had hypertension, macrosomia, high liquor volume etc. That is lscs. And can i know these problems are still follow me on second pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. No pregnancy is same so nothing can be said if they will be happening this time as well. I would say stay positive and be healthy and everything will be fine. Hope it helps.
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Question: what is macrosomia baby, is der anything major prob???
Answer: It means that your baby is heavier than normal babies.It could cause problems if the baby's weight is too high for normal delivery.Also have you gotten your sugar tested?It is possible u have gestational diabetes
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Question: Any one had case of macrosomia??
Answer: Hello This is a case wr the baby or fetus is slightly bigger than the normal baby. The weight of the baby is around 4.5 kgs wch could produce a problem of having a normal delivery. As the baby is big in size.
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