17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what is level 2 ucg .I m 2 worried Nd last month I had a nt or nb scan done .the reports of nt and nb is normal

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Answer: Hello dear the anomaly scan called level 2 usg. The anomaly scan is a detailed ultrasound scan that looks at your baby’s body and observes the position of the placenta, the umbilical cord, the amniotic fluid around your baby, and your uterus and your cervix. An anomaly scan is performed in the second trimester, usually at around 18-20 weeks of pregnancy.
Answer: It is 3d/4d scan...it is anomoly scan to check the internal body parts of baby
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Question: If nt nb scan is normal, what is the possibility of anomaly scan is being normal
Answer: NT scan detects any birth defect at early stage so that any risk to baby is been identified.anomaly scan is an extensive scan to check baby's each and every parameters.both have different intensions.
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Question: My nt Scan is done... Nt -1.2mm Nb seen... It's a normal?
Answer: An NT of less than 3.5mm is considered normal when your baby measures between 45mm (1.8in) and 84mm (3.3in). The NT usually grows in proportion with your baby. As the NT increases, so does the chance of Down's syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. The baby with an NT of 6mm has a high chance of Down's syndrome, as well as other chromosomal abnormalities and heart problems. Hope this information helps....by the way congratulations...
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Question: Hello Ma'am, yesterday my nt and nb scan was done. By the report, NT= 0.7mm NB= 2.5mm. is it normal???
Answer: Hello dear, your both NT and NB scna report are absolutely safe and healthy and there is nothing to worry about it..
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