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What is laproscopy

Dear laparoscopy is the procedure in which some instrucment inserted through the abdominal wall to view the organs .in this minimal surgery is done. Basically a very small cut.
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Question: Tell me about laproscopy
Answer: Hi dear, Laparoscopy is a procedure in surgery,where an instrument is inserted through abdomen to view internal organs and also to permit a small scale surgery.
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Question: I've got PCOS N one of my fallopian tube is laproscopy necessary
Answer: Dear if the tube is blocked laproscopy will increase ur chances of conceiving as with 1 blocked tube ur 50% chances are reduced. I would say go for it if you gynae has told you for it. Hope it helps.
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Question: After diaognatic laproscopy I had spotting but no periods why
Answer: Hi Dear! The reason must be case specific,wht was the reason fr the laparoscopy wht you hv had and in most cases it takes some time to hv a normal flow of periods, so dont worry much give it sometime it will be normal.. Hope this helps!
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