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Question: What is irregular periods

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Answer: If your monthly periods are not happened in 28-32 days cycle every month, then it's irregular periods.
Answer: Perid duration is less or more than 28 days
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Answer: No proper periods in time
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Question: What do u mean by irregular periods???
Answer: Hello dear. A normalmenstrual cycle lasts 28 days, plus or minus seven days. Menstrual bleeding is considered irregular if it occurs more frequently than every 21 days or lasts longer than 8 days. Missed, early, or late periods are also considered signs of an irregular cycle. Take care.
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Question: Hloo my periods is irregular
Answer: Hi! if your periods is irregular then it is going to be really hard for you to understand when you ovulate and plan your pregnancy accordingly because during irregular periods there is no guarantee of ovulation and on correct time, hence if your periods are irregular it is very important for you to undergo medication to regularise your periods and then starts trying to have pregnancy. Hope this helps!
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Question: Irregular periods
Answer: Helli dear. Irregular periods happen due to hormonal imbalance in your body. To correct the hormonal imbalance you can take help from natural ways to improve your fertility. First natural way is to eat healthy fats. Stay away from fried foods, margarine and certain types of chips and crackers. Second is start meditation. It is a proven method to relax and boost your fertility. Third is Eat more omega-3s and cut down on omega-6s. Diets high in omega-6 fats are inflammatory, whereas diets balanced with omega-3 fats are not. Fourth is getting more vitamin D. Fifth is doing exercises and keeping ur body fit. Sixth is getting a good amount of sleep which actually plays an important role in keeping you healthy. All these should help you in achieving hormonal balance and boost your fertility. Hope i helped.
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