35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is internal os closed means

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Answer: Internal os is the part which is part of the and opens at the end of the uterus and external os opens in the vagina. Usually the internal os opens till your are near to your due date and allow the baby to move in the pelvis and then vagina .For now your cervix is closed and there is time for your delivery.
Answer: Hi dear, It is the internal opening if cervix.which needs to be closed till your labor starts.only during labor it dialates.
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Question: Internal os is closed means what??
Answer: Hi dear... It means ur cervix is still not riped/dilated... Usually cervix will dilate during 37 th week ..so u still have 3 more weeks..
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Question: internal OS is closed...what it means
Answer: The internal os is part of the cervix, which forms the neck of the uterus, part of the female reproductive system. Running through the cervix is an opening called the os, with the end that opens into the vagina called the external os, and the end that opens into the uterus called the internal os. The cervix allows for the passage of menstrual blood and semen, inhibits the passage of harmful organisms into the uterine cavity, and forms the birth canal, which a fetus passes through to the outside world. It should be closed till the full term.
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Question: Internal os is closed means
Answer: Internal OS is the winner in of cervix that opens in uterus and it is healthy to keep closed till labour. Opening of internal OS can cause preterm delivery.
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