4 months old baby

Question: What is flat head syndrome well my baby had a flat head on his right side and most of the time he faces on right direction only.Any remedy to make his head round??

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Answer: Babies skull bones are naturally soft and flexible so they can squeeze through the birth canal during child birth. Many babies born by vaginal delivery come put with slightly pointed heads. During the newborn month the skull can become flattened when the back of the baby's head rests for many hours. To prevent flattening of your baby's head u hv to hold ur baby and lay her down in different positions. While making ur baby sleep always put ur baby to sleep on her back, unless ur doctor recommends a different position. Nowadays there are many kind of pillows available in the market especially for newborns u can even try that.
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Question: My baby is 3 month old and his head is flat in one side please suggest me some tips to make his head round in shape
Answer: Hi don't worry as the baby is sleeping in one position the head shape tends to become like this. So it us nirmal. As the baby will grow and start moving the head will get it's normal shape Till then while giving massage to the baby with oil you can try to give shape to the head
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Question: How to make baby head round since my daughter has got flat head at right side?
Answer: Hello dear... To make babys head in round shape,massage babys head with coconut oil, and also make her sleep in cloth cradle,will be helpful
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Question: hi my baby is 74 days he has flat head right side..what to do make it round???
Answer: U can use mustard pillow which you can buy online. It will make your baby's head round
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