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Question: What is exact size of an egg for ovulation?

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Answer: Hello dear. A follicle (egg) basically looks like a small blister, about 3 to 4 mm in size, nestled on the surface of the ovary. Take care.
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Question: What is the exact date of my ovulation for concieve
Answer: Hi dear,  great that u r planning for baby some quick tips might help. The maximum number of chances to get pregnant is ovulation period is happen right after 10 days of ur Imp and lasts up to 5-6 days. Now a days there are many kinds of ovulation kit available in the market to know to better results u can try them and follow the steps written on it. Also u need to keep ur diet healthy and be stress free as stress is the main reason of infertility. So all the best take care! 
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Question: In what egg size of female is must for iui
Answer: Hello dear. Once a follicle size of approximately18 20 mm has been reached, an “ovulation injection” can be used to induce ovulation at a specific time. Approximately 32 – 36 hours later, the appropriately prepared (“washed”) sperm can be placed in the uterine cavity (Intra uterine Insemination – IUI). Hope it helps.
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Question: What is the exact size of my baby? & Now how is he?
Answer: At 30 weeks pregnant, baby is the size of a zucchini. Your 15.7-inch, 2.9-pound, 30-week fetus continues to grow about half a pound and half an inch each week.
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