10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is cervical length in sonography report ?

2 Answers
Answer: Dont think too much abt medical terms Just enjoy ur pregnancy
Answer: Cervix is the lower part of your uterus
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Question: Is 3cm cervical length is short during twin pregnancy.. plz reply me
Answer: If itz below 2.9cm usually doc suggest for stitches, no need to worry ur cervical length is good, still confused once u can discuss with ur doc
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Question: Is 32mm cervical length normal in 14 weeks?
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear @14 weeks cervical length should be 40 to 45 mm .. ur cervical length s short so take medicine as ur dr suggest u. Avoid sex, take rest ,avoid carry heavy things too nd if ur dr suggest u cervical stitches go 4 that too take care happy pregnancy
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Question: One year back I had a abortion in 5 month.this time 17 weeks pregnant my cervical length is 3.2 cm.we need cervical cerlarge or not pls suggest me
Answer: Hi dr already u can have an incident of abortion so must be conscious of ur health wat abt the ur placenta location.. in17 week the cervical length 3.2 is normal if it comes to 4 or 5 must need for cervical stiches.. please consult ur doctor take a precaution ..
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