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Question: What is bilateral polycycstic ovaries. In my ultrasound report cysts size is 5-6 mm. Is it create any problem in conceiving? Please suggest.

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Answer: Need to be cured before conceiving. Doctor will prescribe some medecines
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Question: What are bilateral polycystic ovaries? Is it simillar to PCOD, will it create any problem for pregnancy. In my reports its shown that Ovaries RT 2.7*1.9 LT 2.9*2.1... Multiple small follicles noted in the periphery
Answer: Hi Yes it is PCOD.It could cause irregular periods,hormone imbalance and could delay your chances of concieving Please consult your doctor to start medication for the same if not already started. Hormone regulating Medications like Clomid etc will be prescribed You will have to keep your blood sugars in check Healthy diet with regular exercises is advised.
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Question: in my scan report it is said that baby have bilateral cp it normal..any idea abt that??
Answer: Mention the size of cysts. Normally it will be gone by 32nd week.
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Question: My wife is having 20 week pregnancy, in her latest ultrasound report, showing BILATERAL CHOROID PLEXUS CYST OF SIZE 6 mm left AND 7 MM RIGHT are seen. Weather it will create any problem? We are very much tensed
Answer: Hello sir. I can understand your concern. Normally these cyst resolved by itself before delivery and doesn't interfere with normal activity of brain. But please consult with your gynecologist as well. Hope everything will be fine.
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