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Question: What is cerclage

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Answer: Hi dear it is also know as crucial stitches which is advise to undergo for the pregnant women if it is shorter than require. treatment for cervical incompetence or insufficiency in cervix length led to the stitches. It hardly take 10 to 15 mins and that would be done. Don't worry.
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Question: Hai Dr. I have twin pregnancy Dr. Suggested cervical cerclage. Please tell me What is cervical cerclage and What are they sideffect
Answer: Hello! I am not a doctor but I can tell you what this is. If your doc has suggested you to do cervical cerclage, it means the mouth of your cervix is open. And if your cervix mouth is open you are under the category of high risk pregnancy. Which means, if not treated properly you have chances to miscarry or have premature delivery. Relax!! Dont need to panic. This is not rare. When the mouth of the cervix is open you have two options - 1. Complete bed rest. 2. Cervical Cerclage. A high risk pregnancy doc will handle this. They take a thread, put you on anesthesia, and stitch the mouth of your cervix. You may have to remain in hospital for a few hours or more. This is the best solution for high risk pregnancies, especially when you are carrying twins. The risks with this are rare. The doc will open this stitches during your labor. Discuss this with your doc without any hesitation. Be an informed mom. Ask as many questions as you can. You pay those docs their fee. Dont worry at all. It is gonna be all right. I have friends who were once high risk babies. Best wishes.
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Question: What is meant by cervical cerclage?
Answer: Hello If your cervix is weak, it may make carrying a baby to the end of pregnancy more difficult. A cervical stitch may be suggested to help support your growing baby.Your baby puts increasing amounts of pressure on your cervix and if it is weak,it may start to open during your second trimester or third trimester. This may lead to your waters breaking early, and either a late miscarriage, or a very premature birth. A stitch in your cervix is calked cervical cerclage Unfortunately, having a cervical stitch isn't risk-free. It could cause bleeding or an infection, or make your contractions start, which could result in miscarriage, or premature labour. Having a cervical stitch may also increase your risk of needing a caesarean section. The stitch is usually put in your vagina, under a general anaesthetic. You can usually go home the day after the operation, but will have regular appointments with your doctor to check that you are doing well. You may be advised not to exercise, and to rest, once your stitch is in place. Look out for changes in vaginal discharge, and contact your doctor straight away if you notice: smelly or unusual discharge spotting or bleeding pelvic pain cervical stitch is usually removed at the hospital when you're 37 weeks pregnant. .You may go into labour within 24 hours of the stitch being removed.
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Question: What is cervical cerclage..is everyone nedd this...expalin pls
Answer: Hi. No. Everyone doesnt needs cervical cerclage. It is also known as cervical stiches, it is a treatment for cervical incompetence or insufficiency, when the cervix starts to shorten and open too early during a pregnancy causing either a late miscarriage or preterm birth.
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