1 months old baby

Question: What if the baby sleeps continues for 3-4 hours in day as well as night? Do i have to wake him after every 2 hours and feed him or let him sleep until he wakes up and then feed?

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Answer: I have the same problem. But my doctor said 4 hours is fine. And a baby needs 17 hours sleep a day. So this is fine.
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Question: My 9 month son wakes up at night in every 2-3 hours. Even if he has had enough food before sleep, he wakes up in 3 hours and then sleeps only if he is breastfed. Also, he does take feed properly and sleeps soon and wakes up in 2 hours. This continues for the whole night. Please suggest what can be done for his continuous sleep.
Answer: Hi,this is just because the baby is use to latching and latching give that comfort,you should not keep feeding your baby every 3 hours because it is not necessary,you should feed just once or twice at midnight and nothing g more than that is reqd.skowky the child will get use to and his demand will also decrease.
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Question: I have 2 month old baby boy. If he don't wake up at night then is it necessary to wake him up after every 2 hours?
Answer: No..even if he is waking up in 3-4 hours, it is fine. You can feed him properly when he wakes up.
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Question: My baby boy is 2 weeks old.. he sleeps 5hours straight after a feed.. is it fine to let him sleep and wake up on his own? Should I wake him up every 2 hours to feed him??
Answer: If he's feeding well.. Leave him to sleep.. Else wake him to feed
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