34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what if my fetus abdominal circumference is less?

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Question: Abdominal circumference is less by 2 week thn other parts is this a big issue
Answer: It may only lead to underweight baby, if rest all parameters are normal ... Eat healthy foods, dry fruits,fruits, green leafy vegetables, ghee... Repeat sonography after 4_5 weeks... check baby growth.
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Question: Is it normal if baby growth is coming 2weeks less at 9th month of pregnancy??my baby head and abdominal circumference is also coming less what to do
Answer: Hi dear slower growth of baby is definitely not normal but it is common due to lack of Nutrition or in efficiency of placenta. You should eat more protein rich diet like lentils legumes for me in paneer Fish chicken milk yoghurt so that you baby can gain weight as well as a muscle to increase in size what you are already 37 weeks so chances of improvement is comparatively less. but don't worry about it take care of your baby after birth to catch the growth. Hope it helps.
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Question: What should be done to increase my baby abdominal circumference
Answer: This is a natural process and can be done manually so please don't be worried and have healthy food and be active was your baby will be born there II you doctor can help you with solution but till when your babies in womb there is no solution of it
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