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Question: What if I don't conceive while I'm taking folic acid for 3 months? Do i hv to continue folic acid while trying to conceive or stop?

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Answer: Continue taking folic acid. It's very imp for baby
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Question: Right time of taking folic acid when trying to conceive?
Answer: Hi dear u can take it at night but make sure not to take any calcium or calcium rich food before and after 1 hout of taking medecine.
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Question: Is it going to affect my baby in any sense if I don't take folic acid tablets throughout pregnancy means if I stop taking them after 3 months
Answer: Hello dear Folic acid is necessary in initial 3 months of pregnancy. It is necessary to have it in pregnancy for first three months as well as it is also necessary for the one who is planning to conceive as it helps in supporting pregnancy and helps in proper growth and development of baby.
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Question: Hi ...m trying to conceive ...should i start taking Folic acid supplements....if yes...which one in specific
Answer: Hi! Pls consult a gynae before u start taking folic acid.. Folic acid helps in neural birth defects in baby and lower the chance of miscarriage by preventing anemia, it does not work as a medicine which assures the chance of conception.. Hope this helps!
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