38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What if baby movements are much and more during night?

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Answer: That's quit normal. So do not worry. As much as you can feel the movements in either mrng or night it is fine.
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Question: What if baby movements are more and continues?
Answer: Hello dear. Increase in movement could also indicate that something is wrong. If your baby's movement patterns change suddenly or drastically, contact your doctor immediately. Take care.
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Question: What kind of movements are normal during 24 weeks and at times if there are no movement is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear you will feel fluttering movements, which later turn to stronger kicks, and then you notice the baby squirming, rolling or wriggling. There are also hiccup movements.it's ok if you don't feel strong movements that's normal drink a glass of hot water or eat little sweet and sleep on your left with your knees bent and observe your movements and if you don't feel any movements pls contact your doctor.they will immediately check for baby's heart beat.hope this helps
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Question: hi.. m 26 weeks pregnant.. movements are more in day and night.... is it normal
Answer: Hi! Most women do feel more movements after meals during the day or after being active. There is no set rule as such, different mothers experience different patterns, in my case the baby movements were a lot more afternoon to evening. You don’t have to worry, if the movements are less then please do consult a Doctor.
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