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Question: What i have to do for postpartum melasma

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Answer: All changes in skin pigmentation due to melasma usually disappear on their own after delivery, but you can do a few things to safely minimize darkened spots on your skin during pregnancy: Use sun protection. This is crucial because exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays triggers melasma and intensifies pigment changes. Use a broad-spectrum sunblock (a formula that protects against both UVA and UVB rays) with SPF 30 or higher every day, even when it's not sunny, and reapply often during the day if you're outside. Even if you don't plan to leave the house or spend much time outside, it's a good idea to apply sun protection as part of your morning routine.
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Question: what i do melasma on my face abd nose area
Answer: hi dear. Its because of changing hormones and pigmentation. Dont worry these will become fine after delivery. Just make sure to apply a good sunscreen lotion before going out even apply it when you are at home in small amount this would help. Good luck.
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Question: Melasma got appears dark on face what can I do to rid them?
Answer: Hi! The dark patches are due to melanin pigmentation. The lightening of skin usually happens about 3-4 months post partum, and its a very common condition and all pregnant women go through this. Giving few tips you can follow them to get back your original complexion soon; *oil massage and besan to wash insted of soap. *Olive oil or almond oil massage. * Potato peel rub *Try using vitamin c serum everyday and gentle exfoliation twice a week. And always wear good sunscreen while going out Hope this helps!
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Question: I am getting melasma on face during pregnancy what to do
Answer: Hi desr u can do much on it as it is natural and happening due to harmonal changes. Use duncreen lotion when going out. Also use mild cream. After delivery it will go itself.
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