25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what I eat this time because baby growth is slow

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Answer: proteins...eggs..sprouts..
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Question: My unborn baby growth is slow so what i eat ☹ plz help mr
Answer: When you are pregnant you should eat at least 1800 calories each day which means double the amount of food You are developing baby inside so your iron necessity will also be more Get plenty of rest put your legs and foot up as frequently as possible to avoid or reduce any swelling Take more fruits fruit juices boiled vegetables and nutritious diet Avoid spicy food and oily food Food heavy and hard to digest should also be avoided Eat in regular intervals small portions Boil cumin in water and add ghee sugar to it Keep on drinking it Tightness is major issue mainly due to gas formation and acidity By eating small portions at regular intervals you can avoid indigestion and reduce gas formation Cumin water helps you to lose the tightness .
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Question: I am 29 week pregnant. I get nowadays most of time constipation problem. Because of this baby movement too has become slow. What is remedy
Answer: Hello dear. I am sharing some home remedies which helped me during my pregnancy. Dear below are some of my own tried and tested tips for gas during my pregnancy - : 1.) Try smaller, more frequent meals 2.) Exercise 3.) Drink plenty of water 4.) Watch what food you eat 5.) Avoid artificial sweeteners, carbonated drinks and fatty fried foods. 6.) Under situations of severe gas, a small piece of jaggery will help relieve it. Based on my personal experience as nothing worked for me in 8th month and this remedy helped. 7.) Having green leafy veges and fruits. 8.) Fiber intake should be increased more of salads with lunch and dinner will help. Morning breakfast you can have with oats to help in constipation. Hope this helps
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Question: My baby teeth growth is slow what to do
Answer: Dear check with the doctor. He may prescribe some calcium supplements dfor your baby. Also lack of nutrition also causes delay in teething if the delayed teething doesn't run in your family. Make sure your baby gets all the required nutrients to helps in teething. A healthy and balanced diet is very helpful in making your baby healthy. By this age ur baby should be eating the same healthy food like you. Hope it helps.
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