29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what happens with baby if thyroid increases by 5.5

1 Answers
Answer: Medication is necessary
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Question: If thyroid is high what happens for baby during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear If mother is having thyroid during pregnancy, it can negatively affect fetal growth in the uterus and mental development, lowering the baby's IQ. But don't worry, if proper medication is taken it will not affect ur pregnancy.
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Question: What happens if we eat custard apple seed by accidentally
Answer: Do not worry. It will pass out Eat banana tonight one complete banana And tomorrow drink 2/glas of water and try the potty. Do not worry.
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Question: My thyroid level is 0.3-5.5 ,doctor prescribed me thyroxine sodium tablet .50 mcg, if thyroid affect my baby
Answer: No it's won't affect. I was also having thyroid tablet
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Question: What happens if pregnant women swallowed date seed by mistake
Answer: Need not to worry.. nothinv will happen
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