28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What happened when bleeding will happens in 28th week of pregnancy

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Answer: Dear it can be because of low lying placenta subchorionic Hematoma in both the cases you will need to take proper bed rest avoid lifting any kind of heavyweight getting involved in sex as well as you will make sure that you don't get constipated
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Question: What should be the weight of baby during 28th week of pregnancy
Answer: Dear, at 28th week baby should be around 1 kg. Hope it helps.
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Question: what test are done in 35 week of pregnancy?
Answer: Now there are no specific tests..but usually weeks scans might've there .internal examination is also to be done I know how far is the cervix ripening..I feel as if now there is no need to go to out due to Corona
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Question: Bleeding during 12th week of pregnancy?
Answer: Hi... If your bleeding is normal like one or 2 spots it's ok but bleeding more than that immediately consult your doctor..take care
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