18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what food we can eat in dinner to avoid gas issues?

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Answer: Hi dear avoid eating potatoes at night take a good and light meal and also u can take lemon juice to avoid gas,take fruits and milk while u go to bed
Answer: Drink water and take light food
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Question: What food should we avoid if baby has gas problem during breastfeeding
Answer: Hi, please avoid oily and gassy item like potato, cabbage,etc.
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Question: What food we can eat in breakfast, lunch and dinner after c section
Answer: Hi. Eat food with lots of fiber and less gaseous, especially if you are nursing. Eat lighter meals often as one may not have their full appetite yet, due to anesthesia. Drink lots of water . Healthy meals could be eggs on toast, avocado toast , oatmeal for breakfast with fruit. Lunch could be a protein of your choice with whole wheat carbs. Eat a leafy green salad on the side. Have fruit and/or vegetable smoothies for snacks. My mom made my sister in law eat hot almond halwa (like a fudge ) for protein and nourishment. Also eat foods with fenugreek in it, as well as turmeric. Goal is to have good bowel movements, energy and avoid gas. If you are nursing then definitely lots of fenugreek and water. Hope this helps
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Question: What food we have to avoid in this time
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Here are few foods that you should avoid while trying to get pregnant Fish and Seafood. Large fish contain high level of mercury which is harmful for infants or young children. Eggplant. Eggplant or brinjal is a common foodeaten in almost all Indian households. Unpasteurized Milk and its Products. Sesame Seeds. Papaya. Ajinomoto. Fennel and Fenugreek Seeds. Refined Flour Products. Take care.
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