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Question: what does placenta fundo posterior towards maternal right means. also what is Maturation grade o means?

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Answer: hello.. dear..Fundal position, in which the placenta lies on the top wall of your uterus. Actually, both lateral and fundal posterior placenta are safe in delivery because the head of the baby is near at the uterus which makes the mother to deliver safely and less painful. The placental maturity also varies depending on the gestational age, and around delivery time maturity of grade 2 or 3 is considered as fine. if you are more concerned to know in very detail about this you can seek an advice from doctor..
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    BIMLA MISHRA1299 days ago

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Question: Placenta is fundo posterior more on maternal left grade 3 maturity means
Answer: Fundo means upper side and posterior means bag that means your placenta is attached to the back side of upper wall of uterus and gravity indicates the maturity or ageing of placenta which can be measured from 0 to 3. Don't worry dear there is nothing problematic in your report.
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Question: What is placenta fundo posterior wall, maturity grade 1 means
Answer: Hi dear, Posterior placenta means having the placenta on the back wall of the uterus, means feeling the baby's movements and kicks early and stronger. Placenta occurs in grades. Grade 1 means the placenta is mostly in the uppar part of the womb. Their is no problem at all.
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Question: Fundo posterior uterine wall on maternal left side of grade 2 what does this means???
Answer: This means the fundus -- part of your placenta or the attachment is on posterior wall. Nothing to worry. Take care.
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