16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What does placenta posterior grade 0, lower end is 1.3 cm above os

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Answer: Someone Please reply to this
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Question: What is the meaning of placenta -body, posterior, Grade-0, lower mergine touching intenal os?
Answer: Hi Placenta posterior is positioned to the back wall of your uterus Placenta can be graded from 0-3 0 being in the initial stage of pregnancy and gradually moving to 3 towards delivery Since you are week 13 it probably would begiven to be 0
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Question: Placenta is posterior ,grade // lower margin well above the internal os what it means
Answer: Placenta posterior grade 2 means that the placenta is located on the back wall of the uterus and is slowly calcifying preparing for the birth of your baby.. well above the internal os means that the placenta is above the cervical opening which is absolutely normal and this doesn't cause any harm to your baby and pregnancy...
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