12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What does mild notch present means ? Is it normal ?

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Question: Mild renal PCS fullness is noted; however appears within normal physiological limits presently. What does this means
Answer: It means there is a mild increase in the size of the baby s kidney But don't worry it can be due to the retention of the urine It resolve on its own over time You should correlate it with NT scan double marker or triple marker screen test, if this is the Single abnormality seen then no need to worry about Only thing you need to do is repeat ultrasounds with measurement of kidney should be done to see whether it is increasing or decreasing
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Question: What is the mild early diastolic notch in uterine artery
Answer: Hi dear diastolic notch is basically the pattern of blood flow it shows how the blood is being float to different versions from Placenta and if there is a mild notch there is nothing to be worried about because if it is mind then it has a chance to disappear on its own.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Wat does mild polyhydramnios means
Answer: Means excess of aminotic fluid. This an happen if there's diabetes problem or even in normal situations. Only diet control is the only remedy bit nothing can be done to reduce the fluid.
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