39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What does it mean that your baby position is fixed....

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Answer: Hi congrats on your pregnancy. And New born is soon going to arrive in this world. If your baby position is fixed means your baby head would have positioned itself inbetween the pelvic bones. This is enabled you to go for normal delivery provided all other aspects of pregnancy is normal.once the head is positioned in the pelvic floor your baby drops and stomach will come down enabling you to breathe easily. Take breathing exercises and take care of your health and look for pregnancy signs.
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    Deepthi Ravi Chandhran662 days ago

    Sorry for the typo look for Labour signs.

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Answer: Hai your baby at 37 weeks your pregnency is considered full term.. in the last weeks some time before birth the baby's head should move down into your pelvics. It is said to be engaged. When this happens, you may notice that your bump seems ro move down littile..
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