30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what does it mean by gestational age 27 weeks according to FL & AC, and 30 weeks according to BDP & HC? this was report of my u/s at 27 weeks and my placental grade was 2 at 27 weeks.. what does this mean?

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Answer: hello.. dear these BPD, AC, HC, FL are the parameters.. used to measure fetal weight or your baby weight..dont worry..your doctor will see that..
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    Maryam Yasir1244 days ago

    thanks a lot

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Question: According to my usg estimated fetal weight isBPD,HC,AC,FL:-1351+/-135.1GRMS. What that means?
Answer: It means baby's weight is 1kg 351gms and 135 GM is more or less
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Question: Gestational age 35 week. BPD and HC is 36 week and AC n FL is 33 week 4 days. Why this difference
Answer: The parameters look normal the only thing to ask a gynecologist is about any fetal distress syndrome or any uterine growth restriction syndrome which may affect growth of baby and show fluctuations in usg gestational week.
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Question: can u please tell me what is the wait and height of my baby beacause i can't understood this by ultrasound report BPD 40.46 mm HC 150.28mm ofd (hc) 51.86mm AC 128.84 FL 26.95mm
Answer: please answer my question and help me to find out that is this correct growth of baby
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