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Question: what does grade 3 posterior placenta mean

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Answer: Grade 3 placenta means a mature placenta with significant calcium deposits. There are levels within this also, so there is no need to panic if baby is doing fine.Don't be worried. At least you already know you have a slightly more mature placenta earlier than average. Most placentas reach grade 3 by 39 weeks. It's not by itself a huge problem but it calls for extra monitoring - doctor will probably ask you for regular NST and keeping track of baby movements. The doctor may also want to induce you earlier than 40 weeks. Maybe at 37-38 weeks depending on overall assessment by doctor of fetal nutrition continuity.
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Question: Placenta posterior with grade 3 what does it mean???
Answer: hi dear posterior is present displacement it means your Placenta is placed on back wall of uterus which is very safe position grade 3 is placenta maturity grade 3 means your Placenta is ready to be delivered now .
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Question: What does placenta posterior grade 2 mean
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Grade II means that theplacenta is starting to calcify... usually happens in the third trimester and there is nothing to worry about. Placentas typically attach themselves in the back side of the utreus it is called posterior Placenta. Take care.
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Question: Posterior placenta n grade 1...what does it mean
Answer: It means your placenta is attached to the back wall of uterus. The maturity of the placenta is now grade 1 from grade 0 .
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Question: What does it mean placenta posterior and Grade 2?
Answer: Hi dear,a placenta can be placed at any portion of uterus..so in ur case it is fixed in on us back side of uterus...it is normal..n grade means the maturity level of placenta..grade 2 maturity is normal during this time..so nothing to worry..Everything is normal.
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