39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What does 50% effaced means?

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Answer: When a cervix is 50% effaced, it means it becomes thinner, the baby's head has less and less of a barrier to push against, and the pressure of the baby's head should more easily cause the cervix to dilate.
Answer: Hii.. as labor comes closer cervix thinning can be observed which is known as Effacication.. 50% effaced means cervix is 50% thin now and labor might be close..
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Question: what does FTCS means?
Answer: Hello dear, It means The First Trimester Combined Screen( FTCS ) The FTCS involves an ultrasound scan of the baby at 11 to 13 weeks gestation (nuchal translucency scan) and a blood test from the mother at 10 to 13 weeks gestation.
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Question: What does this line means.....contain single gestational sac with embryo within....what does sac means
Answer: An embryo is usually seen within the gestation sac by 6 weeks gestation.... One of more common types of miscarriage known as an anembroyonic pregnancy, empty sac, or blightened ovum,happens when a gestational sac does not contain an embryo.. Sac means a cavity within an organism enclosed by a membrane and containing air liquid or solid structures
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