7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What do you mean by internal os closed in scanning

2 Answers
Answer: Internal os will be closed till 9months at the tym of delivery the os will b opened
Answer: Nothing to worry....internal os should be closed always.
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Question: 'P/V: cx uneffaced OS TOF' what does this mean? Please reply as fast as possible
Answer: Hi dear, it means os is not dilated , TOF means tightly admitting finger.the opening of cervix 1st towards your vagina is called external os and opening towards the uterus is called internal os.this tightly closed cervix is what stops from baby getting delivered from your vagina which is normal during pregnancy.it only open during labor or just before the labor.take care and all the best
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Question: If there is a dot in heart which was found in Tiffany scan what to do
Answer: If it is echogenic hole in the heart, doctors says it will self heal at the time of birth .. Even in my tiffa scan report it was appear. I am hoping at the time of birth all will be normal I read about this it is quite normal not in every pregnancy some do have
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Question: My placenta is lying posteriorly with lower end 3cm from internal os. What does it means is there anything serious
Answer: Nothing serious. Take bed rest. Avoid heavy lifts. Even my doctor said to me like this. My placenta is lying 4cm away from os.
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