31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What could be normal baby movement count per day?

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Answer: Minimum 10 counts should be there between 8am to 8pm.
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Question: At 33 weeks of pregnancy what will be the normal baby movement count.
Answer: If you want to check, monitor your baby’s movements for two hours while lying on your side. Most healthy babies will have at least 10 kicks over two hours during normal active times. Every baby is unique, though, so there isn’t one number that works for all pregnancies. So, no matter the number, if you experience a decrease in movement compared to whatever is usually normal for your baby, you should call your doctor.
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Question: Wbc count is 19k during 34 week... What could be chances or is it normal?
Answer: It is slightly increased but it only means you have an infection in the body nothing to worry about
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Question: What could be the reason of having 3-4 times potty per day by 6 months old baby?
Answer: Dear if the motion is not watery then he may be be having bad stomach day. You can try this remedy for improving digestion and constipation. Take a lemon put black salt in it and use toothpick to put it inside the lemon now put the lemon on a spoon and heat it till the black salt melts and goes inside the lemon. Now take it off the flame. Make ur child lick it. Trust me it works. Hope this helps.
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