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Question: What could be d effects of stress of mother on baby...

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Answer: Mostly on the brain of the baby. Your stress can also lead to many other problems for yourself such as High Blood Sugar, High BP. Not good for both of you
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Question: Does deficiency of vitamin D in mother ..effects the baby?
Answer: Hi, yes it effect the baby. You can consult your Dr and take d3 injections. You should also increase calcium rich diet. Have more of milk and milk products. It will help you and your baby too dear
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Question: What are the side effects of stress on my baby & me?
Answer: Hii Women who are depressed during pregnancy have smaller babies in mid pregnancy and slower fetal growth compared to non-depressed women. They're more likely to have premature delivery and babies with low birth weight.In terms of long-term outcomes, there's some evidence that children exposed to maternal depression in pregnancy face more social and emotional problems as young children, such as aggression and other conduct problems. Negative impact on child IQ and language has also been proposed. so u should try to stay happy to avoid any consequences to ur baby during pregnancy and even after that. 
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Question: what will be effect of stress & depression on baby?
Answer: 6-month old embryo is effected by your emotions. And it isn't just temporary. Your emotional health can start to form the fetus' attitudes about life....ur baby can turn out to b more cranky
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