31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What colour should be urine mine I feel sometimes dark yellow is it s ok

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Answer: Hello, Colour of it in completely depends on your water intake. Colour may be darker because of lack of water. So try to drink as much water as you can or may be more than that because water is very important during pregnancy. So stay hydrated
Answer: If you drink adequate amount of water your urine colour will be pale and if less amount of water it can change the colour to dark yellow. Drink lots of water, juice and coconut water. Stay healthy.
Answer: That's not a problem.... Nothing to worry dear
Answer: You should do urine test
Answer: Tq u all
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Question: I am having enough water still my urine is dark yellow colour..what should i do?
Answer: Hi! It can happen due to the meds u r having at this time, so pls dont worry but fr ur peacs of mind u can consult with ur Dr. Hope thia helps!
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Question: My son is doing dark yellow colour urine what should I do
Answer: Please consult it he does urine less than 6 times in a day and kindly keep baby hydrate. Give more water, buttermilk and juices. More liquids more urine healthy baby. You can try this and check urine color may get change. If not then please consult doctor.
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Question: The colour of my urine is dark yellow..is it ok or there is any problem..
Answer: Hi dear, dark yellow means body is dehydrated. So, you should take more water and fibre rich foods. Try to add fresh fruits, butter milk a lot in your diet. Avoid glucose or sugary juices.
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