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Question: What changes can happen during two week wait in pregnancy

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Answer: Intial two week you may not able to feel pregnancy as it takes time for your HCG to grow.
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Question: Does little cramps happen during pregnacy wait of two weeks
Answer: Hello dear. Yes after testing positive if the cramps are happening it is absolutely normal as it happens due to expanding uterus. However if you are experiencing cramps before your periods it could be due to upcoming periods. So nothing confirm can be said until you miss your periods. Hope it helps.
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Question: Can i have plum fruit during my two week wait time of pregnancy
Answer: Hi! As far as i knw thr is no risk involved with plum in pregnancy so if u want u can hv in moderate qty.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Stool can happen two times a day in pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear it can happen .no pregnancy your digestive system become weak and 2 times stool ideally is a good sign of bowel movement so relax.
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