2 months old baby

Question: What causes colic???

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Question: What is colic, is it normal? Pls explain causes and remedies
Answer: Colic means stomach pain in babies and it can cause due to indigestion or severe constipation and it is normal in babies so it's important that mother shoulf keep her diet well as well as drink plenty of water stay hydrated this will help baby to prevent from dehydration as well as constipation and baby wont suffer from constipation. Take care.
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Question: Does nipple shield causes colic in babies?
Answer: Dear it's possible the shield could get a little air in their and cause a tummy ache. Try giving her a burp after each feed. Gently lay her back then raise her up then rub her back that can sometimes help with the wind. Maybe give her a warm bath and a bit of a tummy message ..
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Question: Can sweet potatoes causes colic
Answer: Hi ,potatoes can cause gas if you feel it is causing problems to baby you should reduce or stop and see the effects
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