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Question: What can we eat immidiatly, if we feels like vomiting.

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Answer: Hi dear, Avoid nausea. Ginger.  You can drink it in soda or tea, or try ginger-laced lollipops whenever you're feeling queasy. Something Sour. If Try sucking on sour candy, sipping lemon water, or even just sniffing something sour. Like lemon Mint. Eating or sniffing something containing this fresh flavor can help you feel less nauseated. Smoothies. In lieu of eating solid food when your stomach is flip-flopping, sip a smoothie. Doing so will neutralize your stomach acids and blood sugar, giving you a calm feeling. Trail Mix. A mix of fruits, nuts, and a hint of semi-sweet chocolate chips will satisfy your hunger without weighing you down. Liquids. . Try to drink fluids only between meals; if you must drink during meals, limit the amount to keep your stomach from feeling overly full. Natural Remedies for nausea If food options aren’t helping, consider one of these natural morning sickness remedies to help you feel less nauseous during pregnancy. Exercise.  A gentle walk could do wonders for your body. Even walking 20 minutes a day can help to counteract the fatigue and nausea. Changed eating patterns. Sometimes it's a matter of simply keeping your stomach from hitting empty. Eat small, frequent meals, and eat as soon as you wake up, Peppermint or Lemon Hand Lotion. The soothing scents may help keep you calm and relaxed. Facial Wipes. A quick swipe provides an instant feel-better boost.
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Question: Badam can we fry and eat Oz raw if I eat I feel like vomiting
Answer: Hi.. Dear almonds are good for you and your baby both. It has all the essential nutrients including vitamin E and they are good source of dietary fat and carbs. You can fry it and have, else you can make almond milk and drink as well.
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Question: what to eat if it feels like acidity
Answer: Have milk,plenty of water.eat food in smaller quantity many times a day.
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Question: Whenever i eat something it feels like vomiting
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy dear Vomits in pregnancy are mostly due to raise in acidity and hormone changes dear Avoid spicy food and oily foods as they increase your uneasiness Eat fresh fruits drink juices coconut water boiled vegetables After dinner walk for 10 to 15 mts do not go to bed immediately dear Add cumin to water boil leave it aside till it cools now add little ghee and sugar Drink this before going to bed and three times in the morning too Your sickness reduces a lot and you can sleep well too Tamarind with salt cumin chilli powder jaggery grounded well taken in small portions helps to stops vomits to certain extent dear Lemon also helps to reduce vomits dear Take care
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Answer: Yes you can have if it avoids your vomit feeling. I tried to eat candy but it produced more acid then vomit. So if it suits you, you can go for it
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