23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what can i do to increase my hemoglobin and weight in this phase of pregnancy i.e 23 weeks

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Answer: eat lots of pomegranate and beet root
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Question: Hemoglobin 8% what can I do to increase my hemoglobin? And in this hemoglobin which type of delivery is good for me normal or c section.....Answer plz
Answer: to increase your hb you should eat pomegranate,beetroot leafy vegetables, figs,raisin,dates....and double your iron supplements...as i was prescribed with the same...
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Question: I am a low hemoglobin patient . What can I do to increase the number of hemoglobin
Answer: U can have dates ,pomegranate n apple to increase ur haemoglobin
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Question: Hi I'm 23 weeks pregnant and my hemoglobin is 9.5 at this time what should I have to do for increase the hemoglobin please help me what I have to do?
Answer: Hi dear, to increase your hemoglobin try to include iron rich foods in your regular diet. Have a glass of beetroot juice, spinach and other green vegetables, apple, water melon, Jaggery,almonds,whole eggs . Also make sure to have vitamin c rich food for the proper absorption of the iron. Make sure that you also continue with the iron tablets.
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Question: Hello my hemoglobin is 10 and i sm 18 weeks pregnant what should I do to increase my hemoglobin levels
Answer: Hi eat iron rich food. Fruits dry fruits carrot beetroot pomegranate apple .hope this helped u
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