3 months old baby

Question: What can I do if my baby has cough? I can sense it from the way she is breathing, it is very heavy with some different sound.

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Answer: Hi,try these home remedies Roast some ajwain and tie it in the clean cloth and make the potli and do it's on the baby s chest. You can warm the mustard oil and massage with it in the chest back and feet of the baby which will also help in congestion
Answer: If you breastfeeding. You please have home remedies for cold. Baby will get through breastfeeding. Have only hot water...
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Question: My baby has cough please suggest me what to do...she has sound while breathing and sleeping
Answer:  Keep breastfeeding your baby dear your breastmilk has all the medicinal values that cures cold and cough dear. Make a ajwain potly and heat it on a pan and it gets nice aroma make it warm and palce it on your baby's chest helps in clearing blockage and prevents phlegm. Heat cocunut oil and turmeric it get nice smoke and make it warm and apply it on baby's chest helps in absorbing the mucus dear
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Question: My baby is getting a small sound from nose and she is taking the breathing very hard what to do
Answer: please take up the baby has got blocked nose even in that gives the baby will find it difficult to breathe in that case in consultation with your doctor you can put saline water nasal drops which will help the baby it is better to get it checked with the doctor
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Question: My baby is taking very fast breathing and some time getting some different voice in breathing.. Is it normal
Answer: Hi don't worry it's normal in new born as still they need to get adjusted with the surrounding and breathing needs to be regularised so they breath fast and if the nose block occurs so the sound comes while breathing. Don't worry it will settle. Take care
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