16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What can i do for Itching in vaginal sides?

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Answer: Hie Vaginal itching is mostly due to dryness or sometimes due to increase in estrogen  Don't worry  Wash area after every visit to toilet with plain water apply coconut oil to ease irritation  Avoid using soaps in the vaginal area as they are harsh on vagina since the skin or tissues are extra sensitive during pregnancy 
Answer: Mix coconut oil with camphor and use on that area where itching
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    Sana Aslam1076 days ago

    I tried it...but its like small bubbles

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Question: Am having pimples in vaginal sides and itching..what can i do?can i use ointment?
Answer: Hi dear, The bump you are talking about could be due to: 1- vaginal cysyts,which are not painful unless infected due to some infection or sexually transmitted diseases 2-swelling in Bartholin gland,which helps in lubrication of vagina during arousal 3- ingrown hair could lead to such bumps 4- some boil or pimple 5- pus filled in tissue or organ Real reason can be determined only when examined properly.i would advice you to check with your doctor to get releif asap.he might prescribe you for some antibiotics,to clear the infection.
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Question: For me itching in the vaginal part so for that what we can do?
Answer: Hi,the area under vagina becomes very sensitive during pregnancy you can apply coconut oil which will help to give you relief in itching also it is advisable that you was that area 3 to 4 times in a day and maintain good hygiene keep it completely dry which will help you to get relief in itching
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Question: Helo doctor....I have itching in sides of thighs and vaginal area....what is the treatment for that
Answer: Good morning dear... Itchiness in vaginal and around it could be due to the vaginal infection.. I would suggest you to once consult the doctor... Also make sure to keep the area dry and clean and change your panties atleast twice a day.. Hope this helps.
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