2 months old baby

Question: what can be done if baby is crying too much after vaccination

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Answer: u can apply thrombophob cream on infected area...it will.give relief in pain
Answer: apply ice pack and sooth the baby taking into your arms until he is calm
Answer: paracitamol ...
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Question: Wat to do after vaccination baby is crying too much
Answer: Hi Here are the some remedies to reduce vaccination pain in babys includes..Feeding your baby may help relieve vaccination pain. Distracting your baby is one of the most important steps you can take to reduce vaccination pain. After the vaccination, gently rub your babys skin near the injection site.
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Question: My baby is crying too much after vaccination
Answer: Hi it is common. U can give the medicine given by doctor to relieve pain and fever. Also keep ur baby calm. Do breastfeed . Try to make baby sleep .also do cold compress if injected place got hard
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Question: What should be done if there is a swelling in leg after the vaccination,he's crying if i touch also
Answer: Hi dear, don't worry it's normal. Give ice pack on the swelling area which is more effective way. Orelse buy Caladryl lotion from medical shop and apply gently on the swelling area which will gone within two days apply thirce the day
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Question: Dear mam my daughter is crying too much after the vaccination what to do
Answer: Apply ice for 30 sec and painkiller cream for pain on thigh if she has fever then only give medicine
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