10 months old baby

Question: What can be done for mosquito bites.. the scar should vanish its looking like acne suggest some narural methods

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Answer: Hi dear, Mosquitoes are potential risks for malaria and dengue these days.one should never ignore mosquitoes around.apart from using mosquito net at night before sleeping,you can prevent them by wearing full sleeves clothes.cintronella oil or neem oil could repel mosquitoes too.also keep the surrounding clean and never allow to store water in open area. Post mosquito bite could be soothed by: baking soda - 1 tsp of baking soda diluted in 1 cup of warm water.dip a clean cloth and apply on the bites. applying coconut oil on bites.aloe Vera application,calamine lotion on bites,grated garlic in the bites, honey on bites,cold compress on bites could also releave itching....
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Question: How many months it will take mosquito bites scar to get vanished...two months passed but the black scar didn't get vanish..
Answer: Two months is long time, start applying breast milk on the mark that will help healing the mark.
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Question: My baby is 4.5 months old now...dere r few mosquito bites.. what can be done??
Answer: Apply Breast milk also rub little coconut oil on affected area
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Question: What are the remedies for mosquito bites
Answer: Hi.. Dear to control itching and swelling after a mosquito bite, apply ice on the infected area.Use a Soothing calamine lotion it is quick remedy and easily available in any medical store.The baby may try to scratch the area which could spread bacteria so prevent this.. Speak to your doctor as soon as you notice redness, pus or swelling in the bitten area.. You can use a mosquito repellent in your baby's room as your baby is above two months old.. Focus on hygiene and cleanliness in the surrounding..
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