38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What can be d reason If baby's head not come down till 37th week?

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Answer: Hi dear.. Doing work. Cleaning house. Mopping and washing.. And much more walk. Walk stair steps.. These are help to baby head down.
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Question: when is the baby's head come down....
Answer: When you are 30 weeks pregnant, your baby should be in a cephalic (head down) position. Unfortunately, this is not the case for at least 25% of expectant mothers. Even so, it is normal for a baby to turn their head at 34 weeks. It should be of concern only if yourbaby does not turn their head after the 36 week mark.
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Question: Can we have intercourse by this week ..Still baby's head is not come down and pelvic is unripe
Answer: Yes you can have but have it in the protective way..
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Question: Hi..Doctor said the baby's head has still not come down...what can i do so that the baby's head drops??
Answer: Dear try exercises like pelvic stretch, kegels and squats as these helps in cervix dilation and baby's head coming down. Make sure to understand the correct way of doing these by a doctor or a certified trainer.hope it helps.
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