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Question: What are tips to have normal delivery

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Answer: Hi dear To have normal delivery one must be sure of the baby position first.it should be cephalic that is head down.placenta should not be low lying ,your sugar level,amniotic fluid levels and blood pressure should be fine too.try to be as active as possible which helps your pelvic muscles to be flexible which eventually help in pushing baby out vaginally.some sqauts in final trimester would be effective too.keep your self fit .have healthy nutritious diet.practice deep breathing exercises too .it helps you to be calm in labor ....
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Question: what are the normal delivery tips?
Answer: Hello dear You need to take right care of your health during your pregnancy to ensure natural delivery. Have a quick look at the pregnancy tips for having natural delivery. Diet: You should pay attention to your diet from the time you are confirmed the news of pregnancy. Stick to nutritious diet and add fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily intake. Focus on the intake of iron and calcium rich food items. Take multivitamins suggested by your doctor regularly. Maintain an active lifestyle and yoga and regular walk while you are pregnant. Consult a yoga guru or join a class that can teach you typical exercises that helps in progressing towards normal delivery. You might feel fatigued and lethargic in the early days, but things will get to normal as you proceed through weeks Increase your water intake and make sure you drink at least 8 – 10 glasses of water daily. Check your stress level and try to remain stress free throughout your pregnancy period. Keep yourself happy and contented. This has positive effect on the child and helps you stay healthy. Music can help you stay relaxed and comfortable. Make a birth plan after consulting with your doctor and discuss with her before finalizing it. This will help you have a smooth and hassle free childbirth. Yoga increases flexibility and helps you stay relaxed. It helps you in having normal delivery and that too with minimum pain and discomfort. Make sure the yoga you are performing is safe for you and your baby. Avoid eating sea food in excess. Taking seafood in a limited quantity is good for the development of the brain in the child but excess can result in attacking the nervous system. Ready to eat meat and fast food items are observed to be very dangerous for unborn babies. Stick to healthy eating avoid gaining too much of weight during pregnancy. Your doctor will tell you whether or not your weight gain is normal.
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Question: What are the tips to be followed to have a normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear, For normal delivery first of all your scans and blood reports need to be normal.there should be no complications related to: 1- placental position 2-amniotic fluid index 3- blood pressure 4- gestational diabetes 5- cord around baby neck 6- baby position Baby should be in cephalic presentation,that is head down during delivery. Try to be active throughout,I know it is difficult at this stage but trust me it does help in labor,and making your body flexible.try to be as relax as you can.deep breathing during labor helps to handle the pain.the contractions are intense and strong but you can handle them if you are relaxed.doctors would also help you during the labor for support.donot waste your energy in unnecessary pushing.push only during contractions and only when the cervix opens to post 8.it should be fine ,just relax.
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Question: What are the tips to have normal delivery???
Answer: Hi you should try and be active do all your regular activities till you get tired but don't exert yourself much you should take regular walks eat healthy food avoid Cafe in aerated drinks packed food fried on oily food take a high protein rich diet water is very important so take at least 10 to 12 glasses of water per day keep your body well hydrated in consultation with your doctor you should do pelvic exercises and squats this should also help.
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