3 months old baby

Question: what are the vitamin syrup give to baby

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Question: What is the advantage of vitamin d3 syrup?have any problem if vitamin d3 syrup flavour change?
Answer: Hi! Vtamin D3 is a supplement of Vitamin D3 in babies it fulfills the gap, now a days babies dnt get the required sunlght hence the supplement to make their bones stronger as it has calcium and phosphorus.. flavour is the same of Vit d3 and if its avlbl in flavour you can offer it.. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am giving vitamin syrup to my baby.when will I give fever syrup to my baby if fever to baby?is it correct way to give vitamin and fever syrup at the same time or give fever syrup after particular time.which one is correct way to give syrup?
Answer: Hi dear, Till the fever disappear,you can skip vitamin syrup. Baby is already into the stress of having fever,and loading it with another medicine won't be right.so skip vitamin syrup till the time fever lasts.
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Question: Is it good to give vitamin syrup daily to the child?
Answer: Hello, Dear if it's prescribed by doctor then it's important. Baby do need added supplements with food . So don't worry. Its important for their better growth.. My daughter is almost 5 and I too give her iron, calcium and vitamin supplement.. So don't worry.. You must check daily videos and tips on the app they are quite knowledgeable and good. Your baby's daily growth chart and important milestone will be there and can guide you through.Also there is live doctor session so you can ask questions related you or lil champ there.. mom's chat group is also there so you can connect to many mom's and have a chit chat there and share your experiences or learn there. So do check daily. Its quite helpful...
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