28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are the things i have to follow at this stage

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Answer: Hllo dear u r 28 weeks pregnant dear u should take healthy diet add nuts ,milk wit mother horlicks ,fresh fruits ,juices, green vegetables in ur diet. Go 4 walk daily .if there s any complication as bleeding low lying placenta or pain u should avoid sex othetwise its safe. Do yoga .avoid oily spicy food .avoid carry heavy things. Try jt
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Question: I have dizziness in day time,, even i am unable to stand,,what is the cause of this,?
Answer: Even i was suffering from. This I used ors liquid its happens bcz of bp low so try to maintain BP and try using ors liquid its helps me a lot
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Question: I did my NT/NB scan in 11th week , in that it came - placenta is posterior, shows grade 0 maturity, is low lying and covering internal OS. What does this mean, is it low placenta a thing to worry about at this stage ? What extra care/precautions do I need to take for it I'm worried, what is the cause for it ?
Answer: U have low lying placenta which is covered ur OS, u need to tc ur self, if any bleeding occurs immediately consult ur dr. Dear don't ignore even little bit changes in u and don't lift heavy thinks don't walk much dear tc
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Question: Is 11.3 hb normal at this stage?
Answer: Yes, it's ok but you have to increase it little more. Eat dry fruits , green veggies , dates , fish , drink carrot nd beetroot juice. These all will help u to increase ur haemoglobin levels..
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