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Question: what are the test to be done in 4 month

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Answer: Besides checking the developing baby’s heartbeat, a fetal ultrasound test is useful for discovering the gestational age of the baby which helps in planning pre-natal care and predicting a delivery date. It also helps in locating the fetus to ensure that it is properly situated in the uterus and not in the fallopian tubes, which would indicate a dangerous condition known as an ectopic pregnancy. Fetal ultrasounds also help in confirming that the baby is growing correctly and does not have any fetal abnormalities. It also helps expecting parents know if they can expect just one or multiple births.
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Question: What are the tests to be done in 7th month
Answer: -Ultrasounds, -A biophysical profile, -Group B streptococcus screening, -The non stress test. -electronic fetal heart rate monitoring. -a bio physical profile. -amniocentesis
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Question: What are the excercises to be done in 5th month
Answer: Hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy. U should opt for walking and meditation on regular basis during pregnancy. For yogaasana and exercise u should confirm from ur doctor and then get the assitant of some professional to provide u help on what all yoga I can do .as randomly doing any yoga by anyone suggestion is not advisable during pregnancy. Every women body is different n u never know how it will react .so better take someone help. All the best. 
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Question: what are the test that needs to be done in 5th month of pregnancy?
Answer: In your 20th week, u need to get ‘anomaly scan’done. In this scan the position of the placenta is usually checked. the placental position in one of the following ways: • Anterior – If it implants on the front of the uterine wall • Posterior – If it implants on the back of the uterine wall • Fundal – If it implants on the top of the uterine wall • Right or left – If it implants on the right or left side of the uterus
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