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Question: What are the symptoms we will get when sperm enters??

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Answer: You Will feel uneasy in the morning not supposed to eat anything u will feel lyk vomit if u c anyfooditem
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Question: When we are doing sex..the sperm comes outside even tho my wife will get pregnancy or not?
Answer: A part of sperm left inside is enough.. she will definitely get pregnant..but ur sperm count should be enough in that case
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Question: Hi, what are the symptoms once we get conceive?
Answer: This symptoms I m aware, I wanted to know after conception, this symptoms takes how many days to occur For eg my last month periods occurred on 28 th July And approximately the fertility period was 12-14 aug So Wen does pregnancy symptoms will occur After a month o before??
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Question: When teething will start, what are the symptoms ?
Answer: Hello! For teething, you will notice these symptoms in your baby. Drooling. Swollen, bulging gums. A tooth visible below the gum. Irritability. Trouble sleeping. Trying to bite, chew, and suck on everything. Rubbing her face. Pulling of ears.
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