31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: what are the symptoms of healthy baby in womb?????

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Question: what are the symptoms if the baby is dead in your womb.
Answer: An inevitable miscarriage is whenbleeding from the vagina is accompanied by painful stomach cramps and the neck of the womb (cervix) starts to open up. Themiscarriage may happen quickly or take some time. You are likely to bleed for about 10 days afterwards.
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Question: what is the symptoms of boy or girl in womb
Answer: I heard that female baby's do more activity and anxious in the womb than a male child...but it's all a myth...don't worry or stress urself....enjoy your pregnancy....watevr comes is a wonderful blessing...😊
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Question: Plese tell symptoms of a healthy baby in womb??
Answer: If your baby's weight is increasing well and the growth and development as per the scan is normal then it shows that the baby is growing well in the womb
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