9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What are the signs of healthy pregnancy??? Need not worry...ultrasound was found in my 6th week...after that I didn't go to hospital dr asked to come after 3 weeks.....am facing vomiting more than 5 times a day...am worried. .is everything ok??? Can u plz tell safe pregnancy symptoms???

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Answer: Yeah vomiting is safe...!! Try to drink fresh juice more n more than foods.. drink 3 cups of milk per day..!! Get a tablet from your doctor to control vomit.. i can even suggest a tablet.. but i dont know the condition of your pregnancy.. so it is better to consult your doctor and get it from her.. And Need Not worry If yur ultrasound was Normal.. and go for the checkup whenever your doctor askd yu to visit..! Dont Worry..Evrything will b Alright..😊
Answer: Healthy pregnancy indicates good diet and excersice...vomiting is normal in this week..go n consult ur doctor
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Question: Hello...i hd my lmp on 24jun n on 28july i did pregnancy test it was negative dn again i did d test on 3aug.it gv positive ...same day i went to doc n she asked to come on 10 fr ultrasound...dere ws no heartbeat in sonography so she asked to again cm after a week ...so is everything ok n when will heart beat come in ultrasound....please answer doctor...im vry worried cause earlier i hd 2miscarriges...
Answer: Hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy .it's completely fine if u didn't get to hear ur baby heartbeat. As there is still a lot option to see it till 10 week as baby heartbeat are so low that sometime it missed getting detect.most women who are heavy and some who have scar tissue dont get to hear the heart beat until around 12 weeks. so nothing to worry and visit doctor as per define.  All the best. 
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Question: My periods cycle got started normally after delivery but this month I didn't get any periods. Tested for pregnancy also it's negative. I am worried if everything is ok
Answer: Don't worry... M facing the same problem... I think it will take tym to set it... Before pregnancy my periods are very regular but after delivery my periods are always late... So its a harmonic change.. After some tym it will OK... I talked to the doctor about it..
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Question: Yesterday I went to doctor n explained about 2 miscarriage due to rubella...now again am 7th week pregnant I took my previous reports then dr. Said that need not worry u were previously effected with rubella.it won't harm your baby...no weed not take vaccine..everything is normal.. and ultrasound is done found my baby heartbeat.. everything is ok...said........is there anything to worry till my 9th month???????? Plz suggest.
Answer: Dear I would say relax if your doctor has said so. Also you can consult another gynae to get a second opinion as rubella vaccine can be given during the pregnancy as well. In my personal opinion you should get the vaccine to be on safer side. Hope it helps.
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