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Question: What are the scan and c checkup at 9 month to delivery.. I am 38 week pregnant.

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Answer: during the nine month you should do your colour Doppler test which is very important and you will be the doctor will be able to tell you the position of the baby in the proper growth and the delivery time after 38 week of pregnancy the doctor me also do we see that is vaginal examination which will help the doctor to know the cervix dilation and wealth and to tell the delivery date
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Question: Now am 38 week. What are the steps for normal delivery? Like food and exercise
Answer: Hello Dear follow these steps for healthy normal delivery. *Walking and swimming help during pregnancy but nothing beats kegal exercise. Try exercises that strengthen your pelvic and thigh muscles. *Squatting help open the pelvis and get your baby into birthing position, strengthen your leg muscles and help during the labour. *You must do some breathing exercise: breathe from the chest or stomach. Alternate deep and shallow breathing *Stress is common during pregnancy. To remain stress-free, meditat or listen to the music. Avoid negativity. Having a positive support system helps yu lot. *massage helps you deal with labour better and manage stress too. *Having a healthy diet is very important during pregnancy. fruits, vegetables, lean meat, legumes, and dairy. Avoid seafood, sugar and street food. *Hydrate yourself enough. You can even use healthy sports drink to get your daily quota of fluids *gain confidence and process becomes easier. So read, consult doctor and learn about the delivery procedure. *Choose your doctor wisely. Having a doctor who respects your wishes and does the right thing is the one you should consult. Take care
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Question: I am 38 weeks and 5days pregent, what are the simple tips for normal delivery?
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy.Little exercise helps to relax muscles and increase chances of normal pregnancy. Walking is best in pregnancy. It also helps to digest food. As the muscles get lose the chances of normal delivery will be increased. Yoga is also considered best but you should perform it with two conditions one is you should permission from your doctor second is you should perform only under the guidance of an expert. You can go through home page to find tips, diet, recipes and different kinds of exercises with videos they help a lot. But please consult doctor before starting any exercise as they know your condition better. Take care
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Question: Im 38 week 9 month scan report two loop cord seen at back of neck and moderate polyhydramnios doctor said me c section any chance for normal delivery
Answer: As you have polyhydramnious better go for c section as doctor suggested you that is the best option.For you and baby as amniotic fluid level is more than normal.So go for c section.Tc.
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